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  • Stereo Zoom Microscopes
  • Fiber Optic & Fluorescent Microscope Illuminators
  • CCD Cameras & Adapters
  • Video & LCD Monitors
  • Sony Video Printers
  • Sony Video Printer Paper
  • Zoom Lenses & Eyepieces
  • Digital Gauges & Dial Gauges

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Since 1984, Labtek has offered a large selection and discount pricing on new & used stereo microscopes for laboratory, metallurgical, inspection, educational, and measuring purposes (Meiji Techno, Wesco, Nissho Optical, Motic, Union Optical, Unitron, Leica, and more).  We provide Dolan-Jenner, Schott, and Techniquip microscope illuminators, light guides, ringlights, Ushio replacement bulbs, Peacock dial & digital gauges & indicators, and accessories such as objectives, eyepieces, stages, and stands.  We offer video & LCD monitors, CCD cameras, Sony video printers & video printer paper.  Our company represents products from over 35 microscope, optical, video, and illumination manufacturers (see our Vendor List).  We are experienced in providing custom inspection systems, video capture and vision systems that are designed and/or manufactured to meet your specifications.


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bullet Product Information

The following is a partial list of products which we offer and links to product descriptions.  If you have any questions or would like a price quote, please contact us at 408-871-7700, 877-837-7260 (toll free), fax 408-871-7800, or email: labtekdiv@labtek.net.  For an overview of all products that Labtek offers, please go to the Products & Services List.


Microscopes & Zoom Lenses:

Meiji Techno

For microscopes that we do not currently have web page information for, please go to Meiji Techno's site at www.meijitechno.com.


Nissho Optical

Union Optical

Leica and Bausch & Lomb


  • Motic M Series Microscopes:
    -  M-300, 3-Step Magnification
    M-400, 4-Step Magnification
    -  M-500, 5-Step Magnification
    -  M-700Z, Stepless Magnification


  • Stereo & Biological Microscopes
  • Versamet-3, Neomet
  • MS-2 IM2, MS-2-BD

Optem Zoom Lenses

  • 70XL Optical System
  • NIR 70XL Optical System
  • 100C & 100D
  • 160 - 16:1 Zoom
  • AcuZoom™ and OptiZoomŪ Modules
  • Fixed Magnification Optical
  • Fixed Magnification Video Couplers


Fiber Optic & Fluorescent Illuminators:

Dolan-Jenner Fiber Optic Illuminators


Stocker Yale Illuminators

NOTE: All Stocker Yale fluorescent products have been discontinued. 
Please contact us for alternate fluorescent illuminators or for information on LED illuminators.


  • Fiber Optic, LED, and Fluorescent Illumination:
    -   Light Guides, Monochromatic Light, Ring Light & Annular
  • Microscope Adapters
  • Video Switchers, Splitters and Cables
  • Video Camera Inspection:
    -   Micro & Macro Optics
    -   Fixed, Zoom, & Variable
  • Boom Stands & Accessories


Video Cameras, Monitors & Printers:

Sony Digital & Video Cameras, CCD Cameras

  • DXC-C33, 1/3" 3CCD Color
  • DXC-390 & DXC-390P, 1/3" DSP 3CCD Color
  • DXC-990 & DXC-990P, 1/2" DSP 3CCD Color
  • SSC-DC593 Day/Night Color CCD
  • SSC-DC573 DSP Color
  • SSC-DC80 1/2" CCD Analog Color
  • SSC-DC83 1/2" CCD Analog Color
  • SSC-E453 1/3" SuperEXwave Color Video
  • SSC-E473 1/3" SuperEXwave Color Video
  • SSC-M383 B&W CCD Video
  • SSC-DC174 1/3" SuperHAD CCD DSP Color
  • SSC-DC374 High Resolution Color CCD
  • XCD-SX90 1/3" PS B&W 1394.B SXGA
  • XCD-SX90CR 1/3" PS Color Raw 1394.B SXGA
  • XCD-U100 1/3" PS B&W 1394.B UXGA
  • XCD-U100CR 1/3" PS Color Raw 1394.B UXGA
  • XCD-V60 1/3" PS B&W 1394.B VGA
  • XCD-V60CR 1/3" PS Color Raw 1394.B VGA
  • XCD-X710 1/3" IEEE 1394 Digital High Res. B/W
  • EVI-D100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color Video
  • EVI-D70 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color NTSC Video
  • BRC-300 3-CCD Mega Pixel P/T/Z Robotic Color Video

Sony LCD Video Monitors (LMD Series)

  • LMD-4250W 42" High Grade LUMA Monitor
  • LMD-2450MD 24" Medical Color LCD Monitor
  • LMD-2450W 24" High Grade LUMA Monitor
  • LMD-2140MD 21" Medical Color LCD Monitor
  • LMD-2030W 20" HD Color Monitor
  • LMD-2050W 20" High Grade LUMA Monitor
  • LMD-1950MD 19" Surgical Medical LCD Monitor
  • LMD-1410 14" Professional LCD Monitor
  • LMD-1420 14" Professional LCD Monitor
  • LMD-9020 9" VGA Multi-format Professional LCD Monitor
  • LMD-9030 9" VGA Multi-format Professional LCD Monitor with SDI
  • LMD-9050 9" VGA Multi-format Professional LCD Monitor with HDSDI


Sony Video Printers

  • UP-25MD Medical Color Video Printer (A6)
  • UP-55MD Medical Color Video Printer (A5)
  • UP-897MD Medical B&W Video Printer (DISCONTINUED)
  • UP-970AD Black & White Hybrid Graphic Printer
  • UP-990AD Black & White Hybrid Graphic Printer
  • UP-D25MD Medical Digital Color Printer
  • UP-D897 Digital Monochrome Medical Grade Printer
  • UP-D55MD Digital Color Printer
  • UP-D77MD Medical Full Page Digital Color Printer
  • UP-D74XRD 8"x10" Digital B&W Film Imager
  • UP-D72XR 8"x10" Digital B&W Film Imager


Sony Video Printer Paper & Media

  • UPC-21L, UPC-21S, UPC-510, UPC-55, UPC-7011, UPC-7021A, UPP-110HA, UPP-110HD, UPP-110HG, UPP-110S/5, UPP-210HD, UPP-210SE, UPP-216HD, UPP-216SE, UPT-210BL.


Tatung Video Monitors

  • Color LCD & CRT Video Monitors

  • Rack Mount Accessories for Monitors

  • Wall/Rack/Pole Mount Kits for LCD Monitors


Measuring & Metrology Instruments:

Peacock Gauges & Indicators


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Products & Services List


  • New, Used and Reconditioned (Stereo, Monocular, Binocular, & Trinocular)
  • Objective Lenses, Eyepieces, Boom Stands, Focus Arms, Stages, and Accessories




  • Fiber Optic Light Guides, Ring Lights, Goosenecks, Line Arrays, Backlights (Dolan-Jenner, Schott, TechniQuip)
  • Replacement Lamps and Bulbs:
       FCR, FCS, FHE, 778, 787, 1460X
    -  Mercury & Xenon Burners
    Fluorescent & Metal Halide Lamps
    Video, Projection & Photographic Lamps


Video & Zoom Lenses

  • Sony CCD Cameras, Monitors, Video Printers, Recorders, Printer Paper & Film Packs
  • Vision Systems
  • Machine Vision Components
  • Optem Zoom, Macro Video, and Auxiliary Lenses



Measuring & Metrology Instruments

  • Non-contact & Light Section Microscopes (Union Optical, Nissho Optical)
  • Peacock Dial & Digital Gauges & Calipers
  • Mechanical Stages, Metrology Systems
  • Micrometers, Reticles


Microscope Services

  • System Integration and Tooling
  • Microscope Repair, Service, and Refurbishment
  • Custom System Design

Specials & Sale Items

  • Please see this page for specials on microscopes and other sale items.


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Contact Information

For sales and service or if you would like a price quote and/or further information, please contact us:

TELEPHONE: 408-871-7700 or 877-837-7260 (toll free)
FAX: 408-871-7800
E-MAIL: labtekdiv@labtek.net
ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 67250
Scotts Valley, California  95066

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